Velocity Proposal: Relational to Distributed Database Migration & Data Modeling

Proposal Title: Relational to Distributed Database Migration & Data Modeling

One Liner: Relational database to distributed database migration and the concerns around data-schema and modeling.

Abstract: It’s almost routine these days to come up against a scaling limitation among relational databases that pushes one to migrate to a distributed database system. Whether that shift is to Apache Cassandra, Cosmos, Dynamo, or another distributed database there are a number of data schema and modeling changes that will need to take place. In this talk I’ll cover several of the most significant and important changes and how to go about mitigating issues that may arise.

The attendee to this talk will walk away with information around:

How to model around the elimination of joins in distributed databases.
Effective ways to duplicate or de-duplicate data during migration.
Tooling, pipeline, data extraction, or transformation pitfalls to avoid.

Topic: Systems Engineering and Architecture

Session Type: 40 minute talk.

Audience Level: Intermediate


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