Velocity Proposal: How to Use Go for Improved Site Reliability Engineering

Proposal Title:  How to Use Go for Improved Site Reliability Engineering

One Liner:  Using Go can provide a dramatically improved platform for site reliability command line, infrastructure tooling, services that you need for daily site reliability work.

Abstract:  In this talk I will provide code demos of how to gain advantages with Go for site reliability engineering work. From use of extensive 3rd party libraries and other tooling to the simple built in capabilities to build native system binaries to execute. This presentation will show several key demos of how to setup use of these libraries, continuous integration of these libraries per project, and how to keep things simple and focused on the work around reliability.

Broken out, this talk will provide attendees with the following:

  • Working examples of library use to simplify their site reliability work.
  • Practices to work from to increase their engineering projects.
  • Tops reasons why Go is ideal to streamline and enhance one’s site reliability efforts.

Topic: Systems Engineering and Architecture