Hey Thanks for scheduling to meet in Valhalla!

Don’t worry, you’re not off to the hall of the slain, it’s the name of the building my office space is in. It’s located at 5306 Ballard Ave here in Ballard, Seattle, WA. However I’ll be at Anchored Ship Coffee to meet you for the time you’ve designated. It’s just next door at 5308 Ballard Ave, a mere few feet from the Valhalla entrance.

Now that we’ve got a time setup and topics to discuss when we meet, I’ve got a few more things to mention and questions for you below!

The Lounge Space in Valhalla!

Since you’re coming on the show, I wouldn’t want you to be parched. I have a wide selection of beverages and also Anchored Ship Coffee is just downstairs. We can easily pick up a coffee, tea, or beverage of choice. If there’s anything in particular you like let me know before and I’ll make sure we have it. Here’s a few of the options I make sure to always have available.

A few last minute questions too, just to make sure we’re totally prepared!

I look forward to our conversation, cheers!