OSCON Proposal: Real Life Turning Coffee into Code

Proposal Title:

Real Life Turning Coffee into Code

One-sentence description of your presentation:

In this session, I’ll consume a little coffee, and write a whole lot of code to build several useful applications with Node.js JavaScript, C#, and Go with working interactions among the applications built!


Live Coding ONLY

Session Type:

3-hour tutorial.


In this session I’m going to code live, but also talk about and show data about how to keep our mortal coils fueled up and efficient so we can write more and better code. As any software developer knows it’s an often complex process of staying focused, at 100%, and involved as time rolls by every day. As I create the applications, working through various programming languages and stacks, getting the apps to interact with each other, I’ll interweave some physics and science behind energy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate and related things we consume, and how that impacts our neurological attenuation when trying to mentally process things.

Some Approaches I’ll discuss or show.

  • Practices for improving focus: unplugging and break time.
  • Pomodoro style work sessions.
  • Temperature, dampness or dryness, and related ecosystem.
  • External stresses, and a few ways to decrease them.
  • Meditation.
  • Hydration.
  • Switching tasks and task switching.

Development practices I’ll discuss and show.

  • Pair programming. Using more than one brain.
  • Verbally discussing problems to engage more of our brains.
  • Task list, or to-do list
  • Writing
  • Video Streaming Code Sessions
  • Brainstorming / Whiteboard Hacking

Audience Level:


What’s the takeaway fro the audience:

Takeaways for the audience. Everyone will get to experience first hand what it’s like to step through these development practices in a streamlined, time boxed style, exposing the audience to many new ways of tackling the challenges of staying focused and keeping that state for longer periods of time.

Prerequisite knowledge for this presentation:

For this talk some familiarity of one or more programming languages, the constructs, functional or object oriented paradigms, and control structures will be helpful to get the maximum from this talk. However, even with minimal programming experience there is a lot that I’ll be covering that people working within different fields where mental focus and attenuation is needed for relatively long periods of time.