OSCON Proposal: Twitching, How Streaming Makes Better Programming

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Twitching, How Streaming Makes Better Programming

One-sentence description of your presentation:

I’ll start with this coding session and by the end we’ll have implemented continuous integration, among multiple cloud providers, while continuously delivering executable code for serverless function execution.


Live Coding ONLY

Session Type:

3-hour tutorial.


There has been study after study that have shown speaking, interacting, and using other methods beyond merely sitting and thinking help us learn better. It can also help us program better, get through problems faster, and overall make us better at programming. Join me in this session where I’ll show you how live streaming your coding sessions can actually make you better at programming. At least I’ll give you a distinctive and pointed argument why they can, and lot’s of data to back it up.

During this session, I’ll start off by building a simple application while Twitch streaming, with the audience participating and interacting with the Twitch audience. After we build the application I’ll dive into why this is a way we can use this to improve our coding, our practices, and make ourselves better programmers. This part of the talk I’ll provide a number of data points from more than a few studies and articles including:

The applications we build during this session will be available via open source code repository also. Applications developed will also be focused around all open source tooling and services like Apache Cassandra, Go, JavaScript, and related systems tooling and languages.

Audience Level:


What’s the takeaway for the audience:

  1. The audience will experience coding while live streaming, a new way to build software while contributing back to the community and building one’s own software chops.
  2. The audience will learn new ways and why these ways are effective in improving their programming.
  3. I’ll provide a number of studies, data points, and other material for people to think about and work from to gain ideas on new ways to setup practices and projects they’re building today.
  4. I’ll also provide the repository of code that I put together for the talk, build during the code streaming session, that they can use to go through the same coding session and try it out for themselves.

Prerequisite knowledge for this presentation:

Attendees of this session will need to have experience programming, using multiple programming techniques like pair programming or other practices. In addition it will help if the attendee is familiar with one or more programming languages.

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