DEPRECATED : I don’t really keep up with this list anymore as Lanyrd does a damn fine job of doing this and managing the call for submissions. Check it out for the latest on what’s what in the conference landscape.

This page I’ve put together to list the conferences & workshops I’ve been to (toward the bottom) and conferences that I would like to, or am scheduled to attend in the future. Also note, these aren’t in a particular order of priority or anything, just listed.

  • Qcon London
  • Qcon San Francisco
  • HTML 5 Developers Conference
  • Web 2.0
  • Velocity Conf Beijing
  • Velocity Conf Santa Clara
  • Strata Conf Santa Clara
  • Strata Conf London
  • Strata Conf Boston
  • Strata + Hadoop World (NYC)
  • Fluent (San Francisco, CA)
  • JSConf
  • Portland Code Camp
  • Seattle Code Camp
  • San Francisco Code Camp
  • NodeConf
  • NodeFest
  • NodeConf SummerCamp
  • Node Summit
  • Node PDX
  • Ruby on Rails Conf
  • Cascadia Ruby Conf
  • Strangeloop
  • Defrag Conf
  • Glue Conf
  • Mobile Web Development Conference
  • Mozilla Festival
  • RubyWorld Conference
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Øredev
  • Monktoberfest
  • Symposium on OS Design and Implementation (OSDI)
  • USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST)
  • High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS)
  • ACM Symposium on OS Principles (SOSP)
  • BUILD 2012
  • Railsberry
  • Mix12 – Microsoft
  • RealtimeConf
  • Azure Conf
  • DeployCon
  • AWS re: Invent
  • Cloudbeat
  • Structure
  • CloudConnect
  • TacoConf
  • PASS Community Summit
  • LionSpace
  • YOW Australia
  • LambdaPicle
  • Polyglot (Un)conference
  • Clojure/West
  • Powershell Summit
  • Clojure Conf
  • That Conference
  • CodeMash
  • Windows Mash
  • ALM Summit

If you know of a conference that isn’t listed, please add it to the Google Doc I have for the list. It’s a public work space for the list. Thanks

* I spoke at these conferences
** Organized with Troy Howard (@thoward37)

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