Get ‘wget’ from ‘curl’

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First, use curl to download the latest wget source:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]curl -O

Next we use tar to uncompress the files you just downloaded:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]tar -xzf wget-1.13.4.tar.gz[/sourcecode]

Use cd to change to the directory:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]cd wget-1.13.4[/sourcecode]

Configure with the appropriate –with-ssl flag to prevent a “GNUTLS not available” error:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]./configure –with-ssl=openssl[/sourcecode]

Build the source:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]make[/sourcecode]

Install wget, it ends up in /usr/local/bin/:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]sudo make install[/sourcecode]

Confirm everything worked by running wget:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]wget –help[/sourcecode]

Clean up by removing wget source files when finished:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]cd .. && rm -rf wget*[/sourcecode]

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