Architecture Guidance for Venomous Database Reliability Engineering

Video:  (Slides also below, plus description)

Title: Architecture Guidance for Venomous Database Reliability Engineering

Description: In this talk I’ll show in concise order, several of the top ways to improve database reliability, through maintenance and automation of operations using Go. Why Go is an ideal choice, and the various key features of Go that will help to improve the reliability of production.

Once much of the deployment, maintenance, and operations are covered I have several repos with demos of tools available now for the audience and others to use (OSS Apache 2.0 Licensed) that they can use or reference today.


  1. Reasons why Go is an ideal language for automating the management of database reliability.
  2. Where and how one can use Go to add to existing tools around site reliability engineering.
  3. Attendees can use, contribute to, and reference repositories that I’ll provide (Github OSS Code) that can be used today to work with.


  1. For this talk attendees will need to understand basic programming control logic (if-then-else/for loops, etc).
  2. An understanding of system concurrency, database reliability needs, purposes of databases, and related ideas around state management.
  3. An understanding of computer system CPU, Memory, and storage related to usage to make best use of systems deployed.