DevOps Day Vancouver Proposal: Infrastructure Simplicity and Distributed Complexity

Title: Infrastructure Simplicity and Distributed Complexity

Abstract: This talk covers numerous ways to deploy a distributed system, like Cassandra, Kubernetes, Zookeeper, with other peripheral ideas, tooling, and practices around how to not only deploy but also important information to maintain, & update in an immutably built infrastructure environment.

Talk Description: In this talk I’ll show about numerous ways to deploy a distributed systems, specifically Apache Cassandra, with other peripheral commentary about deploying other distributed systems like Kubernetes, Zookeeper and related distributed systems too. Once I cover numerous methods of deployment for and maintenance of distributed systems I’ll cover an actual deployment following patterns, practices, and ideas behind immutable infrastructure to efficiently and effectively deploy and maintain these distributed systems.


  • A better understanding around tooling needed, and situations that may need mitigation when managing complex distributed systems (Kubernetes, Apache Cassandra, Zookeeper, etc)
  • A repository of example code, working deployments, maintenance, and other criteria that can be used as a starting point for attendees own work. (Repo @Github)
  • I’ll also cover the basic core concepts around distributed systems and why they’re different from the standard application or server on a singular machine, and how those differences can be liabilities or advantageous!
  • Intended Audience: operations, devops practitioners, database administrators, programmers working to automate systems, and others.

Technical Skills & Concepts Required: Basic understanding of networking, systems management, and operating systems, specifically Linux and POSIX compliant systems.

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