Developer Week SF Proposal: Fully Distributed Teams Building Masterless Distributed Systems

Title: Fully Distributed Teams Building Masterless Distributed Systems

About/Abstract: Are you curious about leading, joining, or working with large scale remote distributed engineering teams? Ever had to build systems, especially complex master-less distributed systems, where finding talent, skills, and the respective people to build such systems dictates that the team or teams will be remote?

In this talk I’ll broach the topic of leading distributed remote teams building large scale and mixed mode distributed systems. In other words, how to get more for your web scale, enterprise level, remote distributed teams. No need for an office space, attend this talk to learn about ways to up-level one’s teams to work without the limitations and constraints of the traditional office bounded teams. I’ll cover a number of topics from high level strategic levels around planning, office or lack of office requirements, budgeting, and related points. Then I’ll get down to the tactical levels of Github Issues, JIRA’s, and other systems to make the process more efficient, rewarding, and over the long haul dramatically more efficient than in office teams.


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