The Joy of Coding


As more details and collateral are available, I’ll add them here leading up to, maybe during, and definitely anything else that comes up afterwards. I’ll also tweet via @Adron any updates to this page.

Code is getting put together now… to be posted thereabouts around presentation day. 🙂

Inspiration from the most artistic, chill, and excellent Bob Ross.

Today, Let’s put a little warm glow in our development….Let’s make some happy Code!
Your Infrastructure is your friend, take care of it, make love to it… treat it good. This is your world you can create anything you want. Maybe there’s a line of code… right there… oh, not too much… there it is!
The code is right there in your imagination, you just have to push it out… there!
Remember, we don’t make makes mistakes, only happy accidents.
Shoot… let’s have some fun!!


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