Building Immutably Continuous Delivery with Minimal Inputs in London

This workshop focuses on building a continuously delivered pipeline using Node.js (however easily transferable to Ruby/Rails/Java/Scala/.NET etc.). The workshop will trace the steps from inception to deployed application (with a domain pointed appropriately and all) that can then be developed against to continue whatever effort and intent of the developer(s)!

  • Learn about key parts: Application, Domain Name, Infrastructure, Integration, & Delivery
  • Build an Application: Steps for building & actually building a simple Node.js Application to deploy.
  • Getting a domain name, determining name servers & DNS servers, setting it up and getting it pointed at our application.
  • Setting up and determining the deployment scenario on AWS & discussion of other infrastructure choices.
  • Deploying the application through the complete process of code, integrate, test, build, deploy.

The Workshop is broken into two sections. The slide deck for the first section is below.

The following are the slides for the second session of the 2 parts of the workshop.

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