Meetup Sponsorship Prospectus

Download: Meetup Prospectus PDF or Word Doc

Currently I assist with, or lead organization of several meetups in the Cascadian Northwest. This covers an area from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Some of the meetups that I run, and am always looking for sponsorship include the following:

What we’re looking for, and the packages of sponsorship that we’ve put together include the following. But keep in mind, this is just a guideline, as myself and the other organizers are open to all sorts of sponsorship options. Feel free to reach out with your ideas too!

All Sponsorships Get…

  • The host will give a shout out at the beginning of the meetup for the sponsor.
  • Your sponsorship logo will be added to the meetup site, and a shout out will be added via Twitter and LinkedIn when announcing the meetup during the month. This equates to 3-4 tweets with several thousand impressions per tweet. Add in your own efforts on Twitter and LinkedIn and this could grow even more!
  • The host will mention the company, or individual, and a line item of things or events they’d like to mention. Got a conference coming up, a workshop, or coming into town to do any particular type of business that might be interesting. List it and the host will detail this when starting the meetup.
  • If you’re game for sponsoring for several months (6+ months), or more, I’ll also provide (that’s me, Adron) a blog entry introducing your sponsorship and what you’ll be sponsoring. I’ll also add copy around what it is you do, why you’re involved, and all that good jazz!

All the Things Sponsor ~$1000

This sponsorship level basically covers all the costs for an entire meetup; food, space, and drinks! What you get for this sponsorship level includes:

  • The host of the meetup will introduce the sponsor, and provide a ~minute or two to the sponsor to introduce themselves and what they do. No sales pitch, just an introduction and opportunity to put a face with a company, and chance for attendees to directly engage with you and the company sponsoring!

Food Sponsor ~$250

This sponsorship keeps all us coders, data people, business programmers, and curious types alive and kicking! We spot for a range of food at meetups, trying to keep it interesting, and not always pizza. We love one’s help in getting this part of the meetup sponsored! Also, if you have a favorite food provider feel free to sponsor them for the meetup too, we’re always interested in new and different eats! This includes:

  • The host of the meetups will provide a shout out for the food, and specifically where and what the food is!

Drinks Sponsor ~$250

No conversations happen like those conversations over a friendly round of drinks (root beer, beer, wine, or what have you, we aim to provide options for everybody)! After meetup-drinks provides an opportunity for individual attendees to really dive into the various topics discussed, discuss their own business problems, and generally just have great fun conversing about a number of topics afterwards. As a drink sponsor you’ll get:

  • The host of the meetup will provide a shout out, directions, and logistics information about where drinks will be available post-meetup.
  • Being the drink sponsor also gives the sponsor the ability to have an easy conversation starter with attendees post-meetup, so join us for the round you sponsor we’d love to have you there too!

Space Sponsor ~??~

Oh dear me oh my space is a difficult thing to get sorted sometimes.  Usually this seems to run ~$150-1000 depending on city, and sometimes free of course if the sponsor has space to provide! If your company has a space, or would like to sponsor space to rent or however we’d attain access this would be great. What the sponsor will get:

  • You’ll get the regular sponsorship items plus the fact that everyone will be sitting in your provided space. This often has a very notable attribution among attendees!

If you’re interested in sponsoring and getting involved with these meetups, please send me a message here and we’ll coordinate immediately! Thanks!